Sabodent tooth powder

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A Herbal tooth powder which takes care of your valuable Teeth & Gums.
Sabodent is pure herbal tooth powder contains various herbs like Bakul, Neem, Clove, Majufal, Gairik etc.



A herbal powder / tablet to control high blood sugar levels in Diabetes Mellitus type -2 Diabetes. Spenai is a combination of 16 herbs which is effective to control high blood sugar levels. Spenai is a well-researched formulation in use since 20 yrs. Thousands of peoples are being benefited with the regular intake of Spenai.
Spenai is combination of karela, Jamun, Chirayata, kutki, Methi, Harde , Kalijiri, Indrayav etc,. Spenai is a safe and non-toxic product. Spenai controls the high sugar, reduces weakness, controls excessive hunger, excessive thirst and other symptoms due to Diabetes. It maintains the regular functions of the organs.It regularizes the metabolism. Improves digestion and pancreatic function.
Spenai improves the digestion and clears the bowels. Spenai can be used as an adjuvant with other medicines also. Spenai can be taken to control sugar in newly detected Diabetes and chronic Diabetes also.


Nai (Mamejawa), Kutki, Karela, Kalijiri,kakach, Indrayav, Harde, Yashtimadhu, Gudmar, Bilvapatra,Chirayata,Methi, Jamun,Giloy,


Best effective for Diabetes

How to use

1 Teaspoonful powder to be soaked in glass of water at night. Next day morning stir it and drink the mixture. Repeat the same soaing in morning and consume it in night.
Don’t consume anything till 45 minutes after taking Spenai